Planning & Facilitation Collaborative
Planning & Facilitation Collaborative

Planning & Facilitation Collaborative Welcomes You

by Partners for Planning

About The Planning & Facilitation Collaborative

Out of a desire to support the growth of quality planning & facilitation and drawing on our expertise of connecting with people, families and professionals through digital content, Partners for Planning is excited to support the launch of the Planning and Facilitation Collaborative. We've seen the impact of planning and facilitation that is rooted in strong, inclusive and community-based values in helping people to live their best lives.  We have also witnessed gaps in availability and expertise of supports that people and families have access to.  We wanted to make our contribution to the development of person-directed planning and build upon a long history of people with disabilities, their families and allies working together for social change.   

Why a Collaborative?

The profession of planners and facilitators is small but mighty! Facilitators who have worked alongside people living with disability and their families have had to be innovative, creative and committed to support the change that folks desired for their lives. A collaborative means that together we get to harness the power within our group to collectively grow stronger.  Also, when we work collaboratively with people with disabilities and their families, we are upholding our values including those of inclusion, self-determination and full citizenship for people who have otherwise been marginalized.  A collaborative approach means that we may not have all the answers but we are much better off when we can grow and learn together.

Why Join?

The work of planning and facilitation is rewarding and invigorating but it can sometimes be isolating- especially when working independently. The scope of the role can also be broad requiring varied knowledge and skills depending on your practice, from group facilitation skills to how to build support budgets.  

Membership in the Planning and Facilitation Collaborative means you you can connect with other facilitators, gather around specific areas of interest, and participate or even contribute to a variety of upcoming live or self-paced learning offerings. The network will be a place where you can keep up to date with what's happening in the sector, dedicate time to your reflective practice and be supported by a community of other facilitators sharing in similar experiences.  Having a virtual community of practice that you can login to at any time, anywhere, means finding opportunities for support and challenging yourself for growth will be at your fingertips.

You truly are part of something bigger. Join us!

If you have further questions, about the PFC or need help to register, you are welcome to contact Anna at [email protected].